Elevate Your Presence:
Outdoor Advertising
Solutions with Wovved

Wooved excels not only in digital marketing but also in outdoor and Below-The-Line (BTL) marketing, providing a comprehensive suite of services to amplify your brand presence offline as well. Our expertise in Real Estate, Schools, Pharma, Automobile, and Hospital sectors ensures tailored strategies that deliver impactful results.

Outdoor Marketing Services:

  1. Billboards and Hoardings

    • Strategic Placement: Identifying high-traffic locations for maximum visibility.
    • Creative Design: Crafting eye-catching visuals that capture attention.
    • Brand Messaging: Ensuring clear and compelling communication.
  2. Transit Advertising

    • Bus and Train Wraps: Utilizing public transport to reach a wider audience.
    • Taxi Advertising: Targeting commuters with strategic ad placements.
    • Airport Advertising: Capturing the attention of travelers.
  3. Street Furniture

    • Bus Shelters: Advertising in high-visibility areas with waiting commuters.
    • Kiosks: Placing promotional kiosks in busy areas.
    • Benches and Public Seating: Using everyday public spaces for brand messaging.
  4. Event Sponsorship and Branding

    • Sports Events: Associating with local and national sports events for brand exposure.
    • Cultural Festivals: Sponsoring community events to build brand affinity.
    • Trade Shows: Creating impactful booth designs and experiences.
  5. Out-of-Home (OOH) Digital Displays

    • Digital Billboards: Utilizing digital screens for dynamic and engaging content.
    • Interactive Kiosks: Engaging customers with interactive content in public places.
    • LED Displays: Implementing vibrant and eye-catching digital displays.

Below-The-Line (BTL) Marketing Services:

  1. In-Store Promotions

    • Product Sampling: Allowing customers to try products firsthand.
    • In-Store Demonstrations: Showing product benefits through live demonstrations.
    • Point of Sale (POS) Displays: Designing attractive displays to drive purchases.
  2. Direct Marketing

    • Flyers and Brochures: Distributing printed materials for direct engagement.
    • Direct Mail Campaigns: Sending personalized offers and information to potential customers.
    • Catalogs: Creating comprehensive product catalogs for customer reference.
  3. Experiential Marketing

    • Brand Activations: Creating memorable experiences to engage customers.
    • Pop-Up Stores: Setting up temporary retail spaces for product launches.
    • Interactive Events: Organizing events that allow hands-on interaction with products.
  4. Roadshows and Mobile Marketing

    • Mobile Billboards: Using moving vehicles to take your message to different locations.
    • Roadshow Campaigns: Traveling to various locations to engage with a broader audience.
    • Branded Vehicles: Designing and utilizing branded vehicles for promotional tours.
  5. Promotional Events

    • Launch Parties: Organizing events to celebrate new product launches.
    • Customer Appreciation Events: Hosting events to thank and engage loyal customers.
    • Workshops and Seminars: Providing valuable information and experiences to potential customers.

Wooved’s expertise in outdoor and BTL marketing complements our digital strategies, providing a holistic approach to brand building and customer engagement. Our tailored solutions ensure your brand stands out both online and offline, driving significant business growth.